ZE Club Bronze - JPY926/mo (excl tax)

Bronze Members work on their own to sharpen specific English skills, such as listening, speed reading, transcribing, quick response, etc., using games, quizzes, drills and exercises written by natives and bilinguals, all designed for quick learning.

ZEnglish Materials are available online, all day, every day. Use them as much as you like!

ZE Club Silver - JPY1852/mo (excl tax)

Silver Members have the full Bronze Interactive Workout, and the Active Learning System materials used in ZEnglish Live Lessons, including all lesson slides, audio, and video introductions for every lesson. Study anytime, anywhere, using a PC, tablet or phone - even download many of our materials for offline use, and join ZEnglish Live Group Lessons at JPY500/lesson.

ZE Club Gold - JPY6980/mo (excl tax)

In addition to Bronze and Silver benefits, Gold Members have 12 Live Lessons with native and bilingual teachers each month.  Business Conversation and Daily Conversation Lessons, in Entry/Basic/Advanced/Super Levels, are offered morning, midday and evenings, and can be reserved one to two weeks in advance. 

We're constantly developing new materials and programs, to keep learning and conversation fun!

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ZEnglish is here to Upgrade Online English Learning.  Please work with our materials, teachers, and community to take your English to levels you've always dreamed of!