ZE Club Bronze

Our Bronze level membership offers a lot for people who are interested in learning English in their own time. With this membership you should expect to receive regularly updated content written by natives and bilinguals.

You will have access to the many games and quizzes we offer. These are designed to challenge you as well as help you take the skills you learned with the Active learning materials and practice them.

With all of this you have 24 hour access and can go over the materials as much as you please.

ZE Club Silver


Our Silver level membership offers a whole host of self learning material for you to use and enjoy. You will get access to the interactive Workout games and quizzes from the Bronze membership, but on top of that have access to our Active Learning content also.

This will include Active learning content such as slides, audio readings and video content. These are perfect for studying wherever you are as everything is tablet and phone compatible. You will also have the ability to download a lot of our content for offline use.


ZE Club Gold

Our Gold level membership allows people to not only study on their own with all the content Bronze and Silver members have access to. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with both native and bilingual speakers in classes and discussion rooms.

Each Gold level member has 12 hours of lesson time they can choose to use when it suits them. We offer classes in the morning, midday and the evening, so you are sure to find a time that fits your schedule. You will even be able to reserve classes up to a week in advance so that you don't miss out on your favourite teachers.

On the class schedule you will find two kinds of classes, Business Conversation and Daily Conversation. You will also see we offer these in four different levels, Entry/Basic/Advanced/Super. This means that no matter you level or interests we can help you to improve.

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With so much to offer we hope to be able to make you English learning journey a fun and rewarding one. No matter what you are learning English for we feel we have the right tools to help you succeed either by yourself or with our instructors help.

Sign up today and find out how far you can go!