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Upgrading Online English Learning

Welcome to ZEnglish

To Upgrade Online English Learning, we start with a fun space to learn and interact regularly with native and bilingual speakers. Improved English broadens our lives, makes international travel more fun, helps to advance our careers, and most importantly makes it easier to make friends with people from all over the world.

We have materials for improving on your own, as well as materials and programs for meeting and interacting with others using English. Our vision to build community where people are relaxed and encouraged to join in discussions that have meaning in their own lives.  Our staff and instructors are located all around the world, and excited to share great conversations, cultural topics, and discussions with you.

So Please:

Share your voice, and see what we can do together at ZEnglish!

Interactive Workouts

Challenge Yourself

A great place to start your learning and practice is with our Interactive workouts. These consist of games, quizzes and much more for you to enjoy and challenge yourself with.

These will help you to improve aspects like, reading, listening and speaking. They are quick workouts for you to do anywhere as they work on all devices, including phones and tablets.

Our interactive workouts are perfect for anyone that wants to challenge themselves to improve their English. Why not check out the example quiz to the right!

Active Learning

Multimedia Learning

While Interactive Workouts are great for testing and practicing, our Active Learning content is designed to help you study and learn new things every day. This is because our Active Learning content is a mix of video, audio and text based materials. We offer great video introductions to our lesson slides narrated by native and bilingual speakers so that you can gain a better understanding. Audio versions of our lesson slides to help you practice your listening and pronunciation. All of this together makes for great self learning material that you can study anywhere as it is all accessible via your mobile devices. Check out an example material set to the left!

Go Live!

The best way to learn a language is to actually speak it. So here at ZEnglish we want to create a community for people to be able to talk with each other. We offer live classes with both bilingual and native English speakers. Take everything you have learnt from out sites content and apply it to real conversations with real people!

The classes are split into different levels at ZEnglish. Starting with Entry level for beginners, and moving up to Super level for experienced speakers.
With bi-lingual instructors on hand to help, Entry level students will get the support needed to succeed. While the native speakers can challenge high level students.
Currently we offer four levels: Entry/Basic/Advanced/Super
No doubt you will be able to find the right one for your English ability!
At ZEnglish we understand that many people learn English for different reasons. Knowing this we offer two main types of classes.
Daily English Conversation classes are for improving your day to day English. Helping with common tasks like ordering something at a restaurant and understanding directions.
Business English Conversation classes are focused on situations that might happen at the workplace. These will help you learn how to deal with negotiating and managing people in English.
Follow the link here to get more information on the different memberships we offer!